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The New Crypto Aristocracy has Arrived with Peace and Anarchy

The New Crypto ‘aristocracy’ is here. These cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and technologists have arrived with peace and anarchy. Not bombs and blood anarchy, but the loving variety. They are fundamentally altering the landscape of economics, business, and society. They have brought plenty disruptive new toys, inventions, and business models. Imagine a scene that looks like Silicon Valley geek meets individualist anarchist meets Etsy-wielding soccer mom.  

These blockchain evangelists represent a new kind of anti-authoritarian, influential elite. They are reshaping the world with decentralized tools, libertarian philosophies, and adroit technological acumen — and they wholeheartedly reject the smoke and mirrors of political sleight of hand.

Who Are These New Elites? Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out.
These new elites are not what one would expect. They do not share the same core values as older generations. Most of them do not even see the necessity of wearing a suit and tie. They certainly do not harbor the brick-and-mortar vision of working a 9-5 and keeping a large workforce in tow.

The New Blockchain 'Aristocracy' has Arrived with Peace and Anarchy

They are an odd, hyper-intelligent bunch. These brilliant misfits see the future through the lens of computer code. They harbor a kind of romantic idealism Goethe would be envious of and drool over. They prefer individualistic philosophies like anarcho-capitalism and possess a “decentralize the decentralization” mentality, as Colin Cantrell of Nexus puts it. The new aristocracy just straight up loathes the status quo.

Their notion of “business” is far removed from what people are accustomed to. Instead of going to college and getting a job, they prefer drop out of college and create new jobs. The mantra of Timothy Leary also rings true here. He said, “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” This maxim fully captures the spirit of the change and mentality of these contrarian new creators.

Era of the Global Village and “American Exceptionalism” Revised
These new blockchain aristocrats are partly a product of their time and The New Blockchain 'Aristocracy' has Arrived with Peace and Anarchyenvironment. They were born into the digital age and shaped by the allure of the “global village,” as Marshall McLuhan put it. This is a world that is both vast and sprawling — but it is also deeply interconnected and intimate.

Thus these digital aristocrats embody a thinking that both undermines and embraces aspects of “American Exceptionalism.” They are hard working, but the work involves an urgency to change the world and end the corruption of government. They are not working just to feed their family; they are working to feed all the families of successive generations.

Not all of these beautiful souls may have a strict plan on how to accomplish these goals other than to create new things. That is the beauty of their plight, though. The things they are creating by virtue of their design lead to radical change. They lead to peace and anarchy.

Blockchain and Crypto Liberation
The various blockchains they have built, invested in, and helped maintain free everyone from the villainy of central banks and governments. These tools boast specific features that nonviolently weaponize them against the system. They are peer-to-peer, decentralized, sometimes anonymous, and tamper resistant.

They allow people to keep their own money, which prevents bankers and thieving  The New Blockchain 'Aristocracy' has Arrived with Peace and Anarchypoliticians from stealing it or otherwise stopping the flow of revenue. Cryptocurrencies also help conceal money from governments and diminish the impact of taxation. These tools are already doing what they were meant to, and everyone can see it in how the leech class is writhing in fear.

The old regime is frantic to control the technology, and bankers like Jamie Dimon are crazily lashing out. He says bitcoin is a fraud while simultaneously manipulating the market to line his own pockets with the digital currency. He later came back and apologized for his comment.

Needless to say, the bankers’ control is slipping and they are grasping helplessly to recover it. They are attempting to laugh at the tech while fighting at the same time. The spectacle is marvelous and revitalizing to witness.

The Sharing Economy
All of this disruption fomented by the blockchain geeks has created an alternative economy that is poised to displace the old one. This new economy is called the “sharing economy,” and it primarily involves micro-entrepreneurship and collaborative consumption.

These are just fancy terms that means many of these aristocrats are working remotely and building tools that not only undermine modern power structures, but allow people to work collaboratively. It allows a more compassionate and sharing behavior to crop up. It also allows the average Joe to build his own business from scratch, using nothing more than a smartphone app. Decentralized applications for ride sharing, service lending, communal feasting, and tasking are all working alongside the blockchain technologies to reshape society for the better.

Toward Peaceful Anarchy Built by the New Aristocracy
In the end, the combined force of blockchain technologies and the rise of theThe New Blockchain 'Aristocracy' has Arrived with Peace and Anarchy sharing economy will create more instances of anarchism and peace. It is already happening. These instances are already being adopted and embraced. This vision is coming to fruition as a result of the new aristocracies laser focus on decentralization and individual liberty. It is causing a shift in power from the old guard to the people. This is happening blindingly fast, though…and many are vaguely aware of how quickly it is occurring.

Before everyone knows it, there will be no more government. No more banks. No more corrupt centralization of power — and the people everyone will need to thank are these technocratic geeks that led a philosophical and technological revolution of unparalleled proportions that changed the world forever.

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